About Woodlands Pain Doctor

Dr. Lenny Jue

Lenny Q. Jue, M.D. is the CEO and President of Woodlands Pain Consultants P.A. and Anesthesia Consultants of the Woodlands, since 2006. He is board certified in both Pain Management and Anesthesia, with additional qualifications.

Dr. Jue attended University of Texas Austin where he received his Bachelor of Science in Biology with honors. He went on to graduate medical school from University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio. Dr. Jue’s residency in anesthesiology was completed at Baylor College of Medicine and his fellowship in pain management was completed at University of Texas Southwestern, where he was also an Assistant Instructor.

Currently, Dr. Jue holds many positions as a medical director and consultant for a variety of industry-leading medical groups. He is the medical director, director of anesthesiology, and chairman of the Memorial Hermann Surgery Center Woodlands Parkway. Dr. Jue is the medical director of both Skin Deep Medical and Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Center. He is a medical consultant for Omnia Medical Group and for Research and Development at the Surgentec Corporation.