• Ankylosing Spondylitis

    Symptoms and Treatment for Anklyosing Spondylitis

    Published On: May 21, 2024Categories: Back Pain, Chronic Pain, Pain Management

    Ankylosing spondylitis, also known as AS, is a type of arthritis that primarily affects the spine. It is a chronic [...]

  • herniated discs and bulging discs

    How are Herniated Discs and Bulging Discs Different?

    Published On: May 16, 2024Categories: Back Pain, Chronic Pain, Pain Management

    Discs are the cushions between the vertebrae in the spine. They are made up of cartilage—soft cartilage on the inside [...]

  • lower extremity pain

    Things to Know About Lower Extremity Pain

    Published On: May 8, 2024Categories: Chronic Pain, Pain Management

    Lower extremity pain is commonly caused by overuse and inflammation, which result from conditions that affect bones, joints, muscles, tendons, [...]

  • types of sciatic nerve pain

    Types of Sciatic Nerve Pain

    Published On: May 1, 2024Categories: Back Pain, Pain Management

    If you suffer from sciatica, you know how painful it can be. It disrupts your daily life, affecting everything from [...]