Patient Testimonials

Dr. Lenny Jue is the best for the CTM procedure

Dr. Lenny Jue has been my pain management doctor for years. He is the very best in The Woodlands, TX, and the best I have seen. After having great but varying success with steroid injections, facet blocks, nerve ablations, and epidurals, Dr. Jue suggested, given my lower back problems from the SI/L4/L5 spondylosis, that I may be a good candidate to try CTM to promote tissue growth and healing in those areas along the facets. I can say with certainty, I experience positive outcomes with all of the above aforementioned procedures, especially with Lenny Jue, but after the CTM procedure with the discovery of efficacy for me taking roughly 4 to 6 weeks I can say with certainty that the CTM procedure has resulted in the following when administered by Dr. Jue:

  1. Reduced duration of breakout pain events.
  2. Reduced frequency of breakout pain.
  3. Some degree of reduction in the actual pain event during a breakout moment or spasm.

The accumulation of the above has made me feel, for the first time in years, capable, for longer portions of any day and the results have given me the confidence to begin expanding my physical regimen in the ever persistent catch-22 of “too much pain to actively attempt physical effort rehab” conundrum that many pain suffers experience.

I would strongly encourage anyone who has had varying or more importantly, waning benefit from ablations, epidurals and steroid injections to consider this CTM routine hands-down, Dr. Lenny Jue is the best. He’s worth flying out to the beautiful golf community of the Woodlands Texas for his precision and skill, and the accompanying incredible surgical facility are very attentive to a pleasant (as can be) experience during these procedures.

-Chip Owens

wonderful & friendly

Wonderful staff, wonderful and friendly doctor that knows what he is doing I have had injections done and I’ve also had a stimulator implant as well and thankfully those have worked I will not change him for any other doctor ever.

Thank you Dr. Jue!

I work upstairs in the same building and we used to always refer patients to Dr. Jue. I knew exactly who I needed to see when the pain was so bad. I love Dr. Jue! He is very nice and has helped me so much already. I could hardly walk because the pain was so bad. Thank you Dr. Jue!

Jessica M.

pleasant & competent

Dr. Jue is a fine doctor. He is trustworthy and thorough, yet down to earth and friendly. His staff are pleasant and competent. I was forced to visit a different doctor for a few years due to insurance, but came back as soon as I changed insurance because I trust Dr. Jue.

Ronnie H.

considerate & helpful

Very considerate and helpful in determining the best way for me to handle my pain issues. So far I have had two Epidural Steroid Injections which have helped immensely. His front office staff is very friendly and helpful.

James S.

The Minuteman® procedure that Dr. Jue performed on me has provided significant back pain relief. The procedure was minimally invasive, the pre-op discussion with Dr. Jue was helpful, and the results have been excellent.

– Steve D.