Finding Success with the MILD Procedure

PUBLISHED ON: June 21, 2024

CATEGORIES: Testimonial

“I am a 65-year-old male that has been very active my entire life. For the past 40 years I’ve been an avid golfer. Several years ago I began to experience pain in my lower back that extended down to both knees. I put off treatment for about a year and a half before I went to see Dr. Lenny Q. Jue. He ordered an MRI of my lower back that revealed severe spinal stenosis. The first line of treatment was muscle relaxers, gabapentin and a bilateral transforaminal lumbar steroid injection at levels L3 through L5. My symptoms resolved immediately but that relief only lasted about 6 months. As stiffness and reduced mobility along with hip pain and the return of leg pain became a problem once again Dr. Jue discussed the MILD (minimally invasive lumbar decompression) procedure with me. He performed a two level MILD procedure which only took about 40 minutes. Upon waking up from anesthesia my symptoms were completely gone. I now am able to perform daily tasks pain free. My mobility has completely returned and I’m able to sleep better than I have in years. I would suggest to anybody that is experiencing what I’ve gone through to see Dr. Jue for an evaluation.  I am truly grateful to him and his efficient and professional staff for returning a quality of life that I thought was gone.”


Steve Fox

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